Bendy and the Ink Machine Adult Bendy Classic Costume


Join Henry in his adventure thorough time as the Bendy and the Ink Machine Adult Bendy Classic Costume. This black suit includes Bendy’s gloves and mask.

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Bring a Classic Cartoon to LifeRemember the days of cell animation? You know, those early cartoons when they had barely even thought of color and managed to still bring all those classic characters to practically pop out of the silver screen? Boy, you could practically feel them looking right at you, peering right into your soul. Why, there were times—especially during some of those Halloween-themed cartoons—that you imagined you would have been right there with them.Phew, that would be pretty scary! Imagine walking around, enjoying your day… maybe even taking a nice little memory tour through one of the production studios. Then, all of a sudden, there’s weird noises. Some of those characters that you’ve come to love are right there. In front of you. For real. What’s wrong, Bendy? Why is that bright smile of yours suddenly seeming so sinister? What’s that? You’ve got something interesting in that pool of ink…? Product DetailsWell, before we dive too headfirst into the horror of Bendy and the Ink Machine, let’s remember that we’re totally safe and living our best life right here in the real world. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bring Bendy out of the video game and into your heart! In fact, with this officially licensed Bendy costume, you can do just that! This is a simple jumpsuit that you’ll slip into easy as ink. Oversized foam gloves give you the iconic fists of classic cartoon characters while the plastic mask will give you Bendy’s horrific smile. Will you be there to help your fellow friends navigate the darkness or do you have something more sinister in mind!? Why So Smiley, Bendy!?The only thing that folks will be able to trust when you’re in this creepy Bendy costume is that you are definitely going to make the evening entertaining. We can only hope that means you’ve got a treat instead of a trick in mind! 

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