Deluxe Plus Size Harry Potter Hermione Costume


Test your skills in magic and cast your spells this season in this Plus Size Deluxe Harry Potter Hermione! As you become a witch of house Gryffindor, showcase your abilities as Hermione.

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When in Doubt, Go to the Library When you’re picking a Halloween costume, how do you choose the perfect strong female alter ego for you to impersonate? A quick trip to the library would show you plenty of options. Susan B. Anthony! Harriet Tubman! Joan of Arc! Any of these are excellent, but let’s take it a step further and pick one who can do magic. Someone who bests the boys time and time again, never flinches in the face of danger, and knows that real sorcery can be found between the pages of a good book. Presenting Miss Hermione Granger!Product Details Impress wizards, witches, and Muggles alike with this exclusive, officially licensed Deluxe Harry Potter Hermione Plus Size Costume! You’ll fit right in at Hogwarts thanks to the V-neck knit sweater with the embroidered Gryffindor crest and red-and-gold trim, the regulation dickey with the faux silk tie, and the pleated, knee-length skirt. The hooded robe is essential for witches-in-training, plus it billows billows dramatically behind you when you stride through the hallways cooking up a mischievous scheme. It’s so nice that you’ll want to be careful in Potions class – don’t splash any concoctions on your cuffs or hem! The Best Kind of Know-It-All Harry and Ron might have found your thirst for knowledge and your drive to always know the right answer to be a little annoying at first, but they soon discovered that your raw intelligence was a huge help in any circumstance and your loyalty made you the perfect friend. Stand beside the Boy Who Lived and defend the world from The Dark Lord while wearing the most awesome costume in Hogwarts history! 

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