Gold-Tone Shoe Buckles


Complete your St. Patrick’s Day look with these Gold Colored Shoe Buckles costume accessory. These are perfect for a pilgrim or Irish leprechaun costume.

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Twinkle ToesLife in ye olden days could be hard. You had to churn your own butter, and no one even had Tik Tok. Fortunately, they had snazzy style to brighten life during cold months and quilting bees. Any pilgrim worth his hardtack would rather show up to a barn raising without a turkey than without buckles. Priorities! Product DetailsJazz up your old-fashioned footwear with these Golden Shoe Buckles! The shiny metal buckles come fitted over tongues of black faux leather for a distinguished appeareance. Each accessory is sewn with an elastic band, which you can secure under the soles of your foot. Wear them over almost any black footwear to look like you stepped out of the First Thanksgiving! Fashion FeetGive your shoes special treatment! When you want to be a pilgrim, a leprechaun, a Founding Father, or old-time royalty, these belt buckles will make your outfit shine. 

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