Women’s Lady of the Dead Costume


This beautiful Women’s Lady of the Dead Costume will be the perfect costume dress to celebrate the Day of the Dead or even to wear during Cinco de Mayo.

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Be RememberedEvery holiday has its own unique manner of celebration. And every individual tends to take their own special spin on it, too. If you ask us, so long as it involves a lot of color, something exciting and festive, and—of course—an epic costume, you’re going to end up doing your holiday of choice right! Still, there are a few nuances that are helpful to gravitate towards. The Day of the Dead is all about honoring the spirits of your family. Well, that makes bright colors and festivities a natural part. Fortunately, it also means costumes play a perfect role!Of course, just because you’re honoring your ancestors doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a few moments to highlight yourself, too. (After all, you are part of your family!) So when those cameras come out and folks are snapping images of the delectable bites, the uproarious reunions, and the glitzy costumes everyone has brought to bear, it wouldn’t hurt to be remembered for looking fabulously awesome for years to come!Product DetailsMake sure that you have all the right attention when you transform right with this Women’s Lady of the Dead costume. Consider the last time you wanted to combine the beauty of satin ribbon, lace trim, and comfy, stretchy jersey to create a wearable, unique dress. (It was right now, wasn’t it!?) You’ll slip this dress over your head and feel it secure off the shoulder thanks to elastic straps. Ruffles at the neckline create a fancy accent while shiny ribbon creates a bright rose on your bust and a matching belt at your waist. The skirt features multiple tiers of ruffled fabric, all printed with colorful sugar skulls. Complete your detailed dress with the long, beaded necklace, featuring a metallic cross as its center pendant!Party IdeasIf you really want to upgrade your look to the next level, there are a ton of accessories you can choose. Start by looking at a Day of the Dead veil. The combination of additional sheer fabric or lace, not to mention a host of floral decorations will bring out the color of your sugar skull skirt. Alternatively, a sugar skull mask can create the perfect transformation as you dance along with the spirits of the season! Elbow-length gloves, fishnet stockings, or an accompanying macabre handbag complete your transformation while offering just the right accessorizing for a festive look.

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