Glitter Headband for Maid of Honor


The more special you make your Maid of Honor feel, the more helpful she will be on your big day! Let her stand out with this Glitter Maid of Honor Headband!

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Made for HonorYou and the bride have been through thick and thin. You totally deserve this title. Well, don’t get us wrong. Not all the moments were honorable. There was that time when you were out of snacks and you stole her Easter bunny when you were roommates in college. But you’ve totally made up for that by now! You’ve picked her up from the airport. You’ve listened to her vent over glasses of wine. You’ve let her try out new recipes on you (that Indian food phase was painful). You taught her to clean up her resume and talked her out of getting “micro bangs”. You two are made for each other and that’s why you deserve to be the maid of honor!Product DetailsHen’s Party, Bachelorette Party… call it what you will but it’s a night that calls for a little over the top sparkle! This headband balances classy font and silver sparkle for an effect that looks like your title is floating over your head. Cause in our opinion your badge of honor should be worn as a royal crown!Party OnLooking for ways to make the rest of the party feel special? Of course, you are, it’s a party after all! From wild, colorful wigs to crowns, sashes, and sunglasses, we’ve got all the accessories a Bachelorette party could ever ask for. So raise a glass, this is going to be one to remember! 

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