Girls Vampire Vixen Costume


This Girls Vampire Vixen Costume is a detailed, exclusive costume that is a trick or treating classic.

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You’ve raised her right. We all know that. But as to why she hasn’t taken after her parents and embraced your family’s vampire ways? Well, there’s just no saying as to whats up with that. Maybe it’s not hip right now at school to be a vampire, or maybe she’s just worried about what she’ll look like when she has a pair of fangs!If you’d really like to get her a jump start on embracing her Transylvanian heritage, maybe simply getting her a look that suits her fancy will be just the thing to jump-start her undead career. And this elite Vampire Vixen costume is sure to be just the look for her! It’s made and designed by us, and with signature styling, she’s sure to love embracing her dark side when she goes in this stylish costume.A hi-lo cut skirt on this dress add an elegant effect that would be perfectly complemented with spider web leggings or a pair of wicked knee high socks. The textured black linen dress will look perfect under the torchlight of your castle, or while she’s out patrolling the village in search of treats. The deep red satin lining adds an elegant touch, and the matching capelet wears like a jacket with formed shoulders and high collar. Just tie the include sash belt as desired and use her own black boots to finish this ensemble. We can’t say for sure whether she’s going to love becoming a dark vixen when she goes in this costume, but we’re guessing that if she has an invitation to a costume party, she’s going to love embracing her dark side for at least one night!

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