Pinkie Pie Tutu Prestige Costume


Your girl will be able to channel the power of My Little Pony Halloween with this Pinkie Pie Tutu Prestige Costume!

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How pink do you want to be? If your name is Pinkamena Diane Pie (or you wish it was), then your answer would be that you would want to be VERY, as pink as possible to be completely honest! You will love this Pinkie Pie Tutu Prestige Costume because it is as pink as they come and based on one of the most lovable characters of My Little Pony. Plus, the sparkly rainbow style skirt is so much fun to wear, not to mention, dances around in! Pinkie Pie is the just the one you need to brighten your day, really how can you not be ecstatic while being blessed with her bubbly persona. It’s impossible! Your little lady probably already puts a smile of your face every day, but a little extra sparkle from her pink tutu dress with rainbow colors will make her smile! We may even have to snag one of these adorable costumes for ourselves.Out of all the fun loving character of My Little Pony, Pinkie Pie sure does seem to have the best life. When she’s not busy helping others or giggling uncontrollably then you can probably find her working at Sugarcube Corner or hanging out with Gummy, her pet alligator. Besides her blissfully perfect days, every true My Little Pony fan knows that Pinkie Pie loves nothing more than to throw parties and chomping on sweet treats. Your little one will love embracing her bubbly personality and she may even want to throw her own sweet treat party!