Handmaid’s Tale Deluxe Women’s Plus Size Costume


Love the dystopian story of the Handmaid’s Tale? Dress as one for your next costume party in the Handmaid’s Tale Deluxe Women’s Plus Size Costume!

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The Fight Against GileadThe Republic of Gilead doesn’t like those who stray from their rules. They want you to be obedient. They want you to quietly accept the wave of tyranny forced upon the rest of the population. They want you to be a good Handmaid who never causes any trouble. Well, Offred isn’t about to just let the Republic of Gilead steal away her freedoms without resistance. Neither should you! If you’re ready to undermine Gilead, then it’s time to take a note from Offred’s book. With this officially licensed Handmaid’s Tale Deluxe Costume, you can join the secret fight against the powers that be.Design & DetailsInspired by the Hulu series, The Handmaid’s Tale, this women’s plus size costume captures the look of the signature uniforms worn by Handmaids. The exclusive design includes a crimson red dress and a cape. The cape features an oversized hood, so it fits easily over the 2-part bonnet. Finally, the costume comes with an off-white satchel that fits around your shoulder. The whole ensemble does a great job of making you look just like Offred, so you can secretly try to sabotage plans of the Gilead!

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