Plus Size Sherlock Holmes Costume for Men


This Plus Size Sherlock Holmes Costume might just help you get your detective career off the ground. For your first case, figure out what’s going on with that Hound of Baskervilles. Available in 2X.

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The original Sherlock Holmes may have already taken his last bow and retired years ago but that doesn’t mean that the mysteries ever stopped. 211B Baker Street needs a new resident and if you have superb deductive skills as well as peculiar methods of thought then you could be the next one to take the role of the world’s most famous detective.Ever been described as one with informal or unconventional social habits or as one with little to no regard for contemporary standards of tidiness? Do you take pride in your supreme intelligence, so much so, that it borders on arrogance? Perfect. Then you’re an excellent candidate to make the move seventeen steps up into the Baker Street bachelor pad. All you need before you’re ready to make the big move is the proper apparel for solving mysteries. Grab this Sherlock Holmes Costume and you’ll be ready to get to the bottom of any case! This houndstooth coat and its matching deerstalker hat will keep you looking just as sharp as your superior logical reasoning.Don’t forget to look at the rest of the fun detective accessories we have that will really make the illusion come to life. Grab a magnifying glass so you don’t miss a single clue as to where the best Halloween party is this year. Also, you can’t go around as the famed bohemian Brit without his signature tobacco pipe. If you, unlike Holmes, would like to follow Watson’s advice and not subjugate others to such a “poisonous atmosphere”, then grab one of our fake wooden pipes to puff on while you plan out elaborate traps to catch culprits and impress onlookers. Show off your flair for showmanship and make everything merely elementary when you dress up as one of the most interesting literary characters in all of history!

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