Women’s 5 PC Devilicious Corset Costume


Everyone wants to go to heaven, but some may change their mind and want to visit the Devil when they see you in this sexy Women’s 5 Piece Devilicious Corset Costume.

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Devilicious DivaThe devil gets a bad rap. Yeah, he the embodiment of all evil and whatnot, but he looks pretty cool. His horns are pretty cool. Sometimes he has curly goat horns, and other times he has long, almost spear-like head antlers. No matter what the ole devil is wearing, he usually is dressed to impress. A crown fit for an evil king, you could say.Speaking of dress, sometimes the devil wears a suit, and sometimes the ole master of the underworld rocks a cloth. He’s a mighty dude; he can wear what he wants. We like to keep that same energy when we offer you our 5 PC Devilicious Corset Costume for Women. Guys shouldn’t get all of the fun!Product DetailsFor a devil costume, there are sure a lot of things to love about this 5 piece corset. You will have a great time showing your friends who are boss at the next Halloween party. Not only does the corset and skirt look super flattering, but you will have a blast banishing your friends and enemies with the playful ribbon-wrapped pitchfork.Make sure you have a devilishly good time this Halloween, and check out this 5 PC Devilicious Corset Costume for Women.

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