Froggy’s Gallon Snow Juice


Feed your snow machine some of Froggy’s Gallon Snow Juice to create your winter wonderland! Let it Snow when you have a snow machine that works to create some extra wonder in places where you can’t get snow.

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MAKE IT SNOW Being located in Minnesota, we’ve been exposed to our fair share of snow. We know every trick in the book for defrosting our windshields and can shovel a driveway in record time. Even though the snow means more work for us, we wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. We love all of our seasons, but if you live on the west coast then snow is very infrequent, maybe even non-existent. If you’re experiencing major snow-mo (fear of missing out on snow), there’s a way for you to create your own flurries with Froggy’s gallon snow juice. As long as you have Froggy’s snow machine, you can transform your sunny skies into a beautiful winter wonderland. PRODUCT DETAILSFroggy’s gallon snow juice is a water-based formula with highly purified chemicals so be very careful when handling this product. Please note, Froggy’s snow fluid can be used to created flakes in many different available snow machines. It’s great for creating blizzard-like conditions without having to deal with any pesky ice.NO BUSINESS LIKE SNOW BUSINESS This product is perfect for the stage and other theatrical plays and performances. It’s also great for anyone who really wants to have fun with Christmas in July this year.          

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