Fanny Pack – Harry Potter Hufflepuff


Walk the halls of Hogwarts with your stuff safely stored in this Harry Potter Hufflepuff Fanny Pack. You’ll look cooler than you think.

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Work HardYou didn’t get sorted into Hufflepuff just because you’re kind and loyal to a fault. You’re the ultimate hard worker! When given a task, whether it’s to till the greenhouse gardens or write an 18-inch essay about how to handle bowtruckle babies properly, you get right to it. The problem is you always seem to forget something you need to get the job done. So, as hard-working as you are, you wind up taking much longer than necessary to complete your assignments—running from the library to your dormitory isn’t the shortest trip.Product DetailsSave yourself some time with this Harry Potter Hufflepuff Fanny Pack! This sturdy canvas pouch is easy to wear and offers plenty of space for everything you need. If your backpack is already full, this 11-inch by 5-inch bag gives you 2 more zippered pockets to pack an extra pot of ink or a spare set of gardening gloves. And with an all-over print of your house colors and mascot, it’ll look great with your school robes and Muggle attire!Play HardWhen all the work is done, you know how to reward yourself. Whether cozying up in the Hufflepuff common room or flying around the grounds on your broomstick, this officially licensed fanny pack takes playtime seriously too! Filled with essentials or snacks, you’re always prepared with this accessory!

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