Kid’s Minecraft Creeper Vacuform Mask


Transform your child into his favorite Minecraft villain in this Minecraft Creeper vacuform mask for kids. There’s a Mesh-covered eye openings that allow limited vision.

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Creeper CatastrophesAre your kids true Minecraft enthusiasts? Maybe they’ve just built themselves a little cabin and are living off the land. There’s nothing wrong with living simply, although those awesome castles we’ve seen other players build is an interesting goal to aspire to. The most important thing, however, is to have shelter from those pesky creepers at night. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting mobbed when you’re trying to sleep.  Product DetailsIf your technologically advanced kids want to be something scary for Halloween this year, they can be something that can make both beginner and advanced mine crafters jump. If they dress up as the slow green creeper this year they’re sure to have a great time slowly moving toward their friends as their friends slowly begin to panic. Well, they won’t explode but they’ll definitely induce fear. Whether your kid decides to just wear green or wears the deluxe pixelated costume, polish off the costume with this mask that has two mesh-covered viewing slots. These creepers just go to show that even the building block world of Minecraft has its monsters! 

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