Dragon Cane


Complete your witch or voodoo costume with this dragon cane with black staff and dragon head. This cane is the perfect accessory for Halloween this year.

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An Ancient MagicLegends tell of all sorts of mysterious creatures and magical beings throughout the realm. The Victorian vampire that hides astounding might behind and knowing smile. The stunning sorcerer that channels powerful sorcery originating from places unknown. The arcane adventurer that explores ancient tombs and dodges dangerous traps with miraculous skill. And, we couldn’t forget the wise wizard! That curious tower, the various magical trinkets that he’s collected, and the way that he commands attention as he walks down the road. So mysterious!All these folks have something in common, though! It’s the mystical cane they carry.Product DetailsMake sure that your look comes together like magic when you have this Dragon Cane accessory. This cane comes in three separate pieces that twist together to form a black and silver cane that is just over 4 feet in length. The head of the cane is a decorated dragon head featuring faux red gems for eyes. It is weighted well to hold in your hand over your shoulder for a bit of Victorian pomp or to clack on the ground while your palm rests on the dragon head. A Draconic GentlemanThe fact that so many powerful folks have been in possession of a Dragon Cane like this one can only mean one thing. There must be a little magic contained inside. We’re sure you’ll love elevating your look with this proud piece at your side. 

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