Disney Little Mermaid Flotsam & Jetsam Costume Companion Bag


Complete your Ursala costume with the Little Mermaid Flotsam & Jetsam Costume Companion Bag. This will be the perfect addition to your costume and help you get what you wish for.

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Under the Sea Sink down into the ocean’s embrace and enter a world like no other. In the shadowy waves of the deep blue depths, you’ll find a sinister grotto where the Sea Witch dwells. She’s not alone, either: Her glowing-eyed minions serve her every purpose from spotting a likely victim to chasing down those poor unfortunate souls and convincing them that Ursula can help. It’s not their fault, though. A true villainess needs henchmen, and these two morays are up for the task. Product Details Show your devotion to the Little Mermaid’s bad guys with this exclusive, officially licensed Flotsam and Jetsam Little Mermaid Costume Companion Bag! The soft-sculpted blue bag features the stuffed bodies of Ursula’s famous pets, which appear to be swimming close together. Their magic yellow eyes are on the lookout for Ariel. A zippered pocket in the center makes them handy as well as stylish. The long blue shoulder strap keeps the bag in place.Don’t Be ScaredFlotsam and Jetsam would be the first to say this, but seeing these eels usually spells doom! They’re right about one thing, though – with them in tow, you won’t be frightened of not having an incredible costume.  

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