Disney Piglet Winnie the Pooh Plush Headband


Accessorize your costume perfectly this Halloween season with this Winnie the Pooh Piglet Plush Headband. This headband is pink all over with Piglet’s face on the front of it.

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Best Buds ForeverBehind every happy person is a true-blue sort of friend. That friend is the one who cheers you up when you trip over your crush’s backpack, celebrates with you the first time you manage to burp your way through the whole alphabet, or just sits with you and makes you feel better with their presence alone. Frodo had Sam, Tom Sawyer had Huck Finn, and Winnie the Pooh had Piglet, who told him how special he was and made him tea and honey when he felt sad. That’s the kind of friend we should all try to be! Product DetailsWho better to be for Halloween than the world’s favorite piglet? This exclusive, officially licensed headband features a plush pink top with Piglet’s sweet eyes, wiggly ears, and soft pink snout. The headband is covered with the same furry fabric for a comfortable wear.Best Headband in the Hundred Acre WoodNo need to say “Oh d-d-dear!” because this is sure to be one of your favorite costume accessories ever! Wear it to complete your Piglet outfit, or just use it to give yourself or others a pick-me-up. Piglet would love it! 

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