Disney Toy Story Toddler Woody Costume Hat


Complete your cowboy costume with this Disney Toy Story Toddler Woody Costume Hat. This brown cowboy hat will help keep the sun off your little one’s face while they venture out west.

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Toy Story for the Win!Your toddler has been through many iterations of Halloween costumes this year. First, they wanted to be a bunny. Then a pumpkin, then a race car driver. There was the phase where they wanted to turn into a rocket ship, and the one where they wanted to dress like you. But then…then it all changed. They say Toy Story for the first time, and all bets were off!Since then, they have watched the movie every day, and they are fast memorizing all of Woody’s lines. Since then, there has been no wavering from the costume of choice. It’s clear as day. Your kiddo wants to turn into Woody for Halloween this year. It’s all they ever talk about. And while you gave it a week or so to see if it would change, it’s clear you have a die-hard Toy Story fan on your hands. Looks like you’ll be needing this Toddler Woody Hat, then, pardner, to complete your kiddo’s transformation!Product DetailsThis little brown cowboy hat is an exact replica of Woody’s signature look. It features the dark brown stitching along the rim, and Woody’s name stitched into the front. Teach ’em how to tip their cap when they go to trick or treat!

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