Sock Hop Cutie Plus Size Women’s Costume


Go back in time to the fifties and bust a dance move when you’re wearing this exclusive Sock Hop Cutie Plus Size Women’s Costume. Available in 1X and 2X.

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Every once in a while don’t you want to take a nice stroll down memory lane! It’s a pretty great lane. It’s lined with picket fences, friendly ladies watering flowers, and two little girls playing with a fluffy puppy. This lane is free from the imperfections of the past: no more crabby neighbors telling you to get off their lawn or muggy days or cold nights for that matter. While you’re walking past the people rocking on their porches, drinking milkshakes without guilt you just might wonder, how you might become part of this wonderful place. The thing is, fitting into Memory Lane is all about that clean, sweet aesthetic. Take the music of that sock hop you might be attending for instance. You’re not going to get any funky beats here, oh no! You’ll be dancing to the sweet tunes of bubblegum pop, there’s nothing else suitable for those hand jive skills of yours. It’s easy to get along in this time just pull up that ponytail high, pull on those bobby socks, and stay away from that rebel without a cause, no matter how shiny his motorcycle is! You’ll be ready to doo-wop in this full poodle skirt in a bright and cheerful blue. You’ll feel sweet as those chrome diner Cokes in the polka-dot blouse with its peter pan collar and neat structured sleeve. Finish the ensemble with the matching scarf and you’ll find swing dancing has never been so much fun! Let’s just see if you can conquer that Titanic flip once and for all!

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