Disney Genie Mask


You’ll never have a friend like this guy, but now you can look like him with this Disney Genie Mask. This costume mask is perfect for finishing a Halloween costume.

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He’s Back! Wow! Ten thouuuusand years will give you such an itch to party! Everyone’s favorite wisecracking genie has risen from the Cave of Wonders, ready to help his pal Aladdin save Agrabah from the evil sorcerer Jafar – and to steal the show along the way. Sure, we all know that Aladdin might have gotten the movie named after him, but the Genie is the secret star. Who else can do such hilarious celebrity imitations or turn into a submarine? With him around, any Arabian Night is a good night. Product Details No three wishes necessary to get your hands on one of these exclusive Disney Genie Aladdin Masks! The lightweight mask is designed with the Genie’s beloved kooky smile and slips on easily without need for elastic bands. The Genie’s eyes have holes for pupils so that you can see where you’re going and a slit in the mouth area allows you to talk and sing showstopping tunes. An Arabian TreasureWe had to hunt through quite a few bazaar vendors’ stands to come up with this beauty, but our hard work is your reward! What can we say? You’ll never have a friend like us! 

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