Deluxe Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Child Costume


Let your little one be exceptionally ordinary with this Deluxe Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Child Costume. This costume is officially licensed and exclusively made.

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All You Need is LovegoodYou don’t need the latest edition of the Quibbler to tell you that your Harry Potter-themed Halloween party is being highly anticipated by your friends. But the question remains: into which character from your favorite story will you transfigure to play the happy host? There are obvious choices, of course, like Professor Dumbledore and Harry himself. But this question is pretty much a no-brainer for you, especially now that you have found this exclusive Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Costume!Everyone’s favorite oddball Ravenclaw witch comes to life thanks to the amazing details of this costume, and if you can perfect your performance of Luna’s signature voice, then you have a costume worthy of the blue ribbon prize in any contest. Dark wizards — and wrackspurts — beware!Design & DetailsThis officially licensed look was created right inside our very own magical costume studio, designed to withstand even a battle with dark wizards. The pink jacket, printed skirt, and leggings create an almost exact replica of Luna’s look from the big screen, and the striped leg warmers pair well with your own pair of combat-style boots to complete your look. You’ll want to add a pair of Luna’s signature spectrespecs (sold separately). Polyjuice potion itself couldn’t do a better job at transforming you!A Look Yule AdoreSo gather your wand and your crew of magical misfits and you’ll be the belle of the Yule Ball or Hallowe’en Feast faster than you can say accio Lovegood costume! And don’t forget to print a stack of The Quibbler to hand out. You want everyone to be informed.

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