Deluxe Badlands Gambler Costume


Be the baddest in all of the West with this Deluxe Badlands Gambler Costume that features a silver vest over a black jumpsuit with a shiny long jacket.

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The Original Wild CardThe West is known for its wild poker games. The stakes were simply higher. People get a little crazier when they’re playing for gold nuggets rather than paper money. You know the scene. Four cigar-chomping men sit around a table while dance hall girls lean over their shoulders. They silently lay down cards, push in more cash, and finally, one guy lays down the winning hand with a tough, smoldering look at his opponents. Then all the guys start fighting because of, well, reasons. And then someone pushes the winning fella through the plate glass window (major party foul, glass was uber expensive back then!). Are you ready to play your hand in this classic scenario? This costume will make you look perfectly picturesque as you burst through the double doors of the saloon. Just try to stay away from that tricky front window.Product DetailsMake the aptest high rollers nervous when you show up in this swinging trench coat. The shiny finish features long vertical pinstripes in an iridescent purple and metallic color. It’s layered over a shining waistcoat/vest that features a western paisley print and black collared shirt front. Top of the dashing look with a city slicker bowler hat and you’ll be ready to escape the scene with a sleek nod of your head and gold in your pocket!Playing With a Full DeckWhen you’re betting it all, you need to look like you’re always the one with the upper hand. This look is sure to make the saloon fall silent like it does in the movies. A perfect look for themed parties and Halloween alike, you’ll have no problem making this into a group or couples costume. Simply look through our Western catalog and you’ll find saloon girls, cowpokes, and all sorts of folks who’d fit into your card playing scheme rather nicely. One last word of advice? Stear clear of Deadwood, those folks have seen it all!

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