Kid’s Bubbly Mermaid Costume


This Kid’s Bubbly Mermaid Costume gives your little girl a look straight from under the sea. She’s love living her dream as a mermaid on Halloween night!

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We’ve always wanted to take a vacation to lost land of Atlantis, but it turns out that submarine tickets down to the depths of the underwater world are just way too expensive! Also, no one seems to know where it is or even if it really exists, which also creates some logistical difficulties when it comes to aptly using our two weeks of vacation time. So instead, we simply decided to make dry land look a lot more like under the sea!This Child Bubbly Mermaid Costume was our answer! Your girl gets to look like a plucky undersea princess without having to grow a pesky set of gills and fins, and we get to pretend that gadget-collecting and catchy-song-singing mermaids are now part of our world!Made from 100% polyester stretch knit fabric (unlike a real mermaid’s tail) this costume is a breeze to pull on and take off! The pullover top has a ruffled boat neckline and three-quarter length sleeves, keeping your little swimmer warm even on dry land. The skirt is secured with a back zipper and is fitted over hips and thighs, and then it gathers into a circle from the knees down. Completing the costume is the ultimate deep-sea diving accessory, a 3″ diameter starfish mounted on a metal alligator clip! Just add a red wig, a seashell purse, and a seaweed boa, and this adorable daughter of Triton will be ready to party under the sea!

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