Cute Court Jester Plus Size Women’s Costume


Turn yourself into the funniest jester of the court with this Women’s Plus Size Cute Court Jester Costume. This costume features a black and red themed harlequin dress with arm warmers. Available in sizes 1X through 4X.

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Party PlansWhen you go to a party, what’s your role? Are you the one who helps refill bowls of chips and makes sure there’s plenty of Solo cups on the table next to the punch? No? Do you seem to gravitate to the sound system, fingers itching to control the music, change up the beat and get some people on the dance floor? Close but no cigar, eh? Hmm, we know! You’re the trickster, aren’t you? Well, there’s only one costume that perfectly plays to your strong suits. A classic jester! As it happens, we’ve got a terrific Made by Us costume for just that with this Cute Court Jester Plus Costume.Design & DetailsEveryone will think you’re a natural when you show up to your next costumed event in this ensemble. You’ll love the dress with its classic diamond print, the funky hemline is supported by a petticoat so your dress will retain its full and flirty shape all night. The collar will add extra flair to your costume, a classic ruff fits around your neck and points over the sweetheart neckline of the dress, ending in two clownish pom-poms adding to the clownish look. Finally, the costume is polished off by the matching fingerless gloves so when you’re pulling off your cartwheels, you’ll look like you just graduated Magna Cum Laude from Clown College.About Practical JokesNot all people can pull off a practical joke. Some people go to small, like putting raisins in the punch. Confusing? Yes, if anyone notices. Funny? Umm, not really. Other practical joke fans go too big. Like letting a raccoon lose in the party. Frightening? Totally. Funny? No, absolutely not! You, however, have the balance down to an art. You know that while revealing that your dish to pass is actually a rubber chicken can be funny, while waiting until that rubber chicken is in the oven, permanently stinking up the house is going too far. That’s why you’re going to make such a good jester!

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