Boy’s Einstein Toddler Costume


Turn your child in to the father of modern physics with this exclusive Boy’s Einstein Toddler Costume for Halloween. It’s a cute look based on the historical figure.

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Einstein had a ton of great qualities. Sure, we all admire his groundbreaking work on physics and his revolutionary theory of relativity and he was actually quite a skilled musician. Did you know that he played the violin since the age of 5? That’s all great, but we want to praise him for something that a bit… a bit out of the ordinary. Can we take a minute to admire his wild hair style and that awesome mustache? That whacky look is the kind of thing that makes science look like a whole bunch of fun!Albert Einstein does look a little bit like he rubber his hair on a helium balloon and that’s exactly the kind of reason your little genius will want to dress up like the iconic mathematician. This costume comes with everything you need to turn your child into just that sort of whacky scientist!This exclusive toddler Einstein costume brings you a look straight from the history books. The jacket and pants combo are both made to look like something right out of the German scientist’s closet. A blue tie is also included to make sure your kid gets Albert’s signature style just right! Of course, no Einstein costume would be complete without that hair and the mustache, right? That’s why this toddler outfit also comes with a frizzy white wig and a puffy white mustache to help your child get every detail perfect. Your child may not quite be old enough to understand what the theory of special relativity yet, but he’ll still be ready to recite his thoughts on why cookies are really delicious when he wears this adorable costume.

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