Cupid Wings and Bow Kit


Complete your Cupid costume with this Cupid Wings and Bow Kit. This is the perfect accessory to top off your costume for any Valentine’s Day or Halloween party.

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The Right MarkCupid has a lot of responsibility. If he sends an arrow into the wrong person, that’s a big deal! Cupid’s arrow might hit a bookish homebody and a worldly sailor if he’s not paying attention. And while that relationship might start with an adorable meet-cute, we can’t imagine those two will have compatible lifestyles in the end. We’re sure he’s made mistakes in the past but now that he’s been wielding his bow and arrow all these years, he’s probably a little safer than he was in ancient times!Design & DetailThis soft wings, bow, and arrow set is Made By Us! The striking gold and red color scheme make this the perfect accessory for a Valentine’s Day outfit or a full-on Cupid costume at any time of the year. The red wings slip over your shoulders with gold straps. The gold bow is the perfect size for casually aiming at people who look like they could use a little pick-me-up from ol’ Cupid. Proceed With CautionAre you ready to take on Cupid’s job? It’s a dangerous one. True love is a powerful thing. Just ask Helen of Troy and Romeo and Juliet. Still, someone has to shoot Cupid’s golden arrow. After all, where would the world be without true love? 

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