Plague Doctor Staff Accessory


This Plague Doctor Staff is the perfect accessory to complete your scary Plague Doctor Costume this year! The gold painted top is the traditional medical symbol of the time, identifying you as a legitimate doctor.

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Questionable Bedside MannerBack in the day, doctors were some seriously scary stuff! Just picture it. You’re shivering away, lousy with fever in your bed of straw. And here comes a man in a black cloak with a devilish beak, top hat, and a cane. Talk about throwing bedside manner out the window. There’s no way a doctor dressed like that ever comes bearing good news! Design & DetailsThis dramatic Plague Doctor Staff is the perfect way to top off your eerie Plague Doctor ensemble. The staff comes in three parts that easily fit together. Just over three feet, it’s topped off with a golden-winged symbol that will make your patients feel suitably confused and intimidated.Six-Feet BackEerie Plague Doctor canes weren’t just used to make patients feel scared as well as sick. They were also used to point out areas that needed medical attention, lift clothing and limbs without touching patients, and keep people on the street away. Yikes. Ironically, the plague doctors were still getting sick because the sickness was spread by fleas! Man, history would have been so different if people would have caught on to basic hygiene earlier! Still, we think this three-foot-long can be pretty handy to gesture with and make sure folks stay six feet away on Halloween night!

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