Child White Knee Length Crinoline


Add a little extra to your costume this season with our Child White Knee Length Crinoline! It gives your look that added volume, making it really stand out.

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You’ve found the perfect costume for Halloween. After months of searching you finally decided on that cute dress costume. But after you tried it on, well, it fell a bit flat. Literally.When you want to add some volume to your costume, there’s no better item than this crinoline skirt! It’s made of high-quality materials that will make your costume stand out from the rest. It’s a simple and easy addition that will really bring the most out of your already awesome look this Halloween. And if you already look awesome… you know you’re going to look absolutely spectacular after you get this crinoline.This white crinoline skirt is made of 90% nylon and 10% polyester so it’s both voluminous and comfortable. The ruffled, multi-layer petticoat adds volume to any dress or skirt. If you aren’t satisfied with a flat look this Halloween, then be sure to add this crinoline petticoat to your look!

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