Child Train Engineer Costume


All aboard the Halloween train with this Train Engineer costume. With a pair of signature overalls and conductor hat, this costume is perfect for the Halloween season.

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All AboardThese days, everything seems to be about speed. Jets can traverse the entire world in what seems like an instant. The internet can bring you information from the other side of the planet in an instant. Well, we remember a simpler time, when you could traverse the open fields in style! You’d follow the tracks where they take you—to new opportunities and adventures. At least, that was how they did it during the days of the old west, and of course, the friendly conductor would be your guide to the new and wonderful world.Our costume designers have captured the spirit of the train engineer and placed it into this Child Train Engineer Costume. Your child can become the guide to locomotive adventures for you and your family when they wear this exclusive costume.Design & DetailsBased on the classic conductors of the old west, this Train Engineer costume is child-sized outfit designed to turn your little one into the head honcho in charge of the locomotives. The costume comes with a dark blue shirt with stitched pocket outlines and buttons in the front. The included overalls are made of denim and feature a striped design to help your child look ready for conducting! The overalls have pockets in front and along the sides and the shoulder straps fasten with metal buttons. The bright red bandana features a paisley pattern and ties loosely around your child’s neck. Finally, the conductor hat features a striped design that matches the overalls for a complete look.Countryside ConductingIf your child loves trains or just wants to head out on a new adventure across the countryside, then this train conductor outfit might just be the costume they need! It’s an exclusive costume, so you won’t find this outfit anywhere else!

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