Mischief in Neverland Women’s Costume


With the heart of a child and the mind of an adventurer your’e going to love this Mischief in Neverland Women’s Costume. It features a green jagged hem dress with matching green beret.

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Tricks of the ForestNot all forests are as much fun as the ones in Neverland. Only some of the mischief that happens in those woods was written down. The boys that live in those woods have witnessed water flowing upwards. They’ve had play sword fights in fields of pixies while the starlight flashed off their iridescent wings. They’ve played pranks on the mermaids, braiding slimy seaweed into their hair. The majority of the mischief wasn’t written into the story. Because if people knew how much fun Neverland really was, it would be overcome with tourists. That just wouldn’t do. Make sure you can fit right into the woods of Neverland when you throw on this sprightly green ensemble. Those pirates better be careful, there’s a new kid in town!Product DetailsThis lovely green costume is a playful interpretation of the famous Neverland hero. It features four pieces with matching green velvet fabric. The dress has a lace-up neckline and raggedy hemline and sleeves. It’s belted in the middle for a flattering fit. The skirt buttons down the front. Green shorts are layered underneath the dress for a jaunty and active look. The costume is topped with a little cap with a feather in the brim. Adventure ReadyAre you ready to delve into a brand new adventure? Get your lost kid crew together and you’ll want to spread mischief in your own way. Pair the rich velvet fabric with moccasins and a playful attitude. Perfect for the theater, parades, and any kind of costume party, this costume makes it easy to get into character. The best part? You might not even have to get a cab home at the end of the night. Just sprinkle on some Pixie dust and you’ll be ready to soar all the way back to your cozy little tree house. 

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