Carrot Costume for Kids


What’s up doc, would you enjoy a tasty carrot? This Child Carrot Costume is a cute vegetable costume for little kids.

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Most parents have to keep telling their kids to eat their veggies but your kiddo is a bit different. They love the taste of fresh vegetables so much that they actually want to become their favorite one, right? Well, you can make that dream a reality this Halloween. All you need to do is grab this awesome Child Carrot Costume!Once you slip this vibrant tunic over your kiddo, he’ll look as if he was freshly picked from your garden. All your friends and neighbors are going to ask what sorts of nutrients you add to the soil to produce such a massive crop. You can simply smile and tell them the truth, plenty of love and care. This large orange tunic is in the shape of a delicious carrot and has a bright green sprout budding from the top of it. You may want to keep any eye out for hungry looking rabbits because your youngster is going to look quite delectable to those hairy hoppers! We also have adult carrot costumes as well in case you want to dress up in a healthier style this Halloween as well. You know what they say. Carrots are always safer in packs!Take a look through the rest of our veggie themed costumes and have the rest of your children or your kiddo’s friends join in on the fun. Your little carrot could have fun frolicking around the block with a fun mix of vegetables like corn and peas. Mmm Mmm. Sounds like a delicious time to us!

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