The Nun Halloween Sweater for Adults


Enjoy wearing this The Nun Halloween Sweater for Adults and showing off your horror film fandom. Features the iconic image of The Nun on the front which makes a perfect apparel choice for any fan of the demonic nun.

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Possess the Possessed It turns out that there are a lot of ways to control a demon who has gone on a malevolent mission. Just because a religious relic fell into the wrong hands and Valak is taking a creepy Conjuring way too seriously doesn’t mean that all heck is going to break loose! Rather than risking something like an exorcism, we can just give that demon something way more attractive to inhabit and then—bam!—no demonic doom and you’ve got a pretty nifty bit of supernatural style while you’re at it.Design & DetailsKeep those evil forces under control by binding them in creepy couture instead! Our Made By Us design warlocks have woven together the perfect prison for Valak in the form of this Adult The Nun Halloween Sweater. Comfy and cozy despite its wicked appearance, this sweater features the ne’er-do-well Nun surrounded by the gothic details of a haunted church. It’s perfect for any fan of The Conjuring universe or for those who just want to have a comfy sweater that’ll send chills down anyone’s spine.No More Nun Nonsense!There’s no reason to dread the wicked doings of a demon when they are safely imprisoned in the threads of your very own Halloween sweater. (Now if only we could get that Annabelle under control, too!)

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