Captivating Pirate Women’s Costume


Round up your crew, take charge of the helm and do it all in style with this exclusive Captivating Pirate Women’s Costume. This costume features an off-white pirate jacket, jabot, and skirt. It also includes a matching pirate hat.

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Yahoo, yahoo the pirate life’s for you.If anyone was destined to be a new age pirate, it’s definitely you. The commitment to your lifestyle is impressive. We applaud your choice to reside in a dilapidated ship instead of a traditional home, and even though drinking rum everyday must get repetitious, you do it anyway. You were born to be a pirate. You were destined to inspire this movement. We salute your dedication to the high seas. Yawr! Now we must confess something. Your passion for piracy has not only inspired others, but it has also influenced our costume endeavors. We informed our talented design team about your buccaneer ambitions and thus, this captivating pirate costume was born. It’s the perfect ensemble for accepting your role as the leader of a scallywag crew. Let’s raise our cups (brimming with rum of course) in solidarity and cheers to your life of piracy. Oh yea, is it possible to shake hands and make a pact guaranteeing you won’t force us to walk the plank once we hand this costume over? Please…?Design & DetailsPerfect for pillaging a rival ship or counting gold doubloons, this women’s costume is a garment tailored to enhance your pirate experience. The brocade jacket features lace edged cuffs and lapels. A poplin tiered skirt with asymmetrical hemline accents the jacket and also compliments the chiffon jabot, while a faux leather sash completes the look. It’s exactly what you should wear whenever you first set sail with your crew of deck-swabbin’ mateys!      From FunCostumes to youYou’re only going to find this costume for sale right here, because it’s a exclusive. We put in the details that matter, and we like to go the extra mile to make sure your experience is top notch. So, run your flag up after your costume fun, will ya, and let us know how your pirate plundering goes? We’d really love to know! Yawr!

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