Swiss Alps Girl Costume


This Swiss Alps Girl Costume is a cute cultural costume idea, and a great way to celebrate German heritage.

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Ah, the Swiss Alps. Home of hot cocoa, St. Bernard rescue dogs, and Swiss cheese (they make the cheese in the mountains, right?). What a picturesque place. What a culture to celebrate. Imagine, being out in the field, tending to your goats, the Matterhorn rising up behind you. It makes you want to break into song. But not just any song, yodeling! Yes, now you too can become an expert in the Swiss art of the yodel! Let you “ay-hee-hoo” be your guide as your goats hear your melodious voice and return to pasture knowing you’re near. Sing from deep in your lungs so your voice will carry across the canyons.But not too loud, because you don’t want to cause an avalanche! The echo of your yodels bounces off the snow-capped peaks and causes millions of pounds of snow to cascade down across the valley. Now your charming mountain town is covered in fresh powder and touristy ski-bums have taken over the slopes! Won’t someone stop to help you out of the snow? Of course not, they’re just here for the smooth ski ride. Fortunately, the St. Bernards in your town are well trained, and come to your rescue immediately, a tiny barrel of… water? Alcohol? Hot cocoa? We’re actually not sure what’s in those barrels. But regardless, you’re rescued! Now all you need to do is kick out all those ski-bums hitting the slopes of your hometown before they cause another avalanche!Note: This costume does not come with rescue dog, or hot cocoa, but with a little luck it might give you the ability to yodel with the best of them.

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