Brown Regency Men’s Wig


Looking to pull your royal costume design together? Well look no further, It’s time to stop being a plebian and take it to the upper class with the new Men’s Brown Regency Wig!

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It’s Actually GeniusExcept for the whole “no indoor plumbing” thing, the 19th Century had some pretty cool innovations. Imagine this: You were partying hard last night, but now you have to go to brunch with some rich relatives. You should probably do something about your hair, but don’t have the time or energy. Instead, you throw on a wig that looks pretty close to your real hair! Super smart – and Regency gentlemen did it all the time. Product DetailsSay hello to nobility-worthy hair without the struggle of styling it when you wear this Men’s Brown Regency Wig! Dashing waves of dark brown synthetic hair are carefully styled and attached to a comfortable mesh wig cap that has a snug edge. Attached brown sideburns made of the same shade of synthetic hair lie flat against your cheeks for a realistic look. The wig can be touched up with non-heated tools. Historical Hot Guy Be historically accurate in more ways than one! None of the pretty debutantes you flirt with have to know the secret of your amazing locks. 

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