Toddler Tiny Triceratops Costume


Let your little guy take a walk on the wild side with this exclusive Tiny Triceratops Costume for toddlers. We sell several exclusive styles of dinosaur costumes for kids through adults!

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THE DINOSAUR PHASEEvery child goes through it. We’re not talking about the “Terrible Twos” or potty training. We’re talking about the Dinosaur Phase. They become obsessed with anything dinosaurs. They’ll stomp around the house roaring like a prehistoric animal—it’s part adorable and part terrifying! Just remember though, that it is just a phase. In a few years, your little one will probably grow out of it and they’ll find the new flavor of the month interest… and you’ll start to yearn for the simple days when your little one had an honest desire to grow up to be a triceratops.If your child is in the dinosaur phase right now, we have some advice. Cherish it! Dress them up in this adorable triceratops costume. Take TONS of pictures and let them pretend that they’re a real, live dinosaur. You’ll thank us later.DESIGN & DETAILSOur costume designer worked hard to make this Toddler Tiny Triceratops Costume the epitome of cuteness. It comes with a soft, velour jumpsuit that fits with a zipper in the back, making it easy to get your little one all dressed up in an instant. The back of the jumpsuit has an attached plush tail. The headpiece is shaped like a dinosaur face and it even has a little eggshell piece on the top of it. Finally, A foam eggshell piece attaches to the bottom of the costume, making it look like your little one just hatched!PRECIOUS PREHISTORIC PICTURESWhen your child goes through the Dinosaur Phase, you want as many pictures as you can get! After all, there’s no telling how long your child will be into dinosaurs and there might not be another opportunity to turn your child into the most adorable prehistoric creature on the planet! And be sure to check out our adult dinosaur costumes. The only thing more adorable than your child dressed up like a dinosaur is a parent and child dinosaur duo!

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