Boy’s Wicked Circus Clown Costume


When the Scary Circus comes to town, with this Boy’s Wicked Circus Clown Costume, the shrills and thrills are endless. Guaranteed to be the creepiest clown on the block.

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Have a Wicked Good TimeWould you consider your little man to be a goofball or a bit of a prankster? Does he love to laugh or make others laugh? Well, Halloween will be the perfect time for him to clown around. We’ve made our very own variation of a clown costume that walks the tightrope right between silly and sinister.Your kiddo will have a killer time trick-or-treating with our exclusive Boys Wicked Circus Clown Costume. To us, these juvenile jesters are already creepy enough but we found a way to make them even scarier. You simply change up the color scheme of their typical attire, add a malicious makeover, and BLAMMO! You now have something straight out of a nightmare.Design & DetailsThis ghoulish costume is actually quite simple to assemble. It includes four pieces. Start this terrifying transformation with a long-sleeved shirt. The pattern on the shirt matches that of the cone-shaped hat, a black and gray diamond design. The dull colors deviate from a typical clown’s vibrant outfit and kick this devilish costume off to a creepy start. Then the addition of the red/gray overalls with its two black pompoms continues the disparity between an average jokester and this spine-chilling clown. Finally, add the blood-red ruffled collar and the menacing makeover is complete.Don’t forget to take a peek at the twisted accessories we have available to take this costume to the next level. A scary clown mask or a clown makeup kit will be fine additions to this guise. Then a blood-stained knife prop will truly make your child the most wicked clown in town this Halloween.Who’s Laughing NowGive your kiddo the last laugh this year with our Wicked Circus Clown Costume. As long as he comes up with a handful of goofy acts to entertain the neighbors, we’re sure he’ll liven up everybody’s favorite night of fright!

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