Kids Brown Cowboy Boots


Have your little one happily saying howdy partner when they wear these Kids Brown Cowboy Boots with their cowboy costume. These Kids Brown Cowboy Boots will have your little one ready to giddy up as a cowboy!

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No Fences Here!If your child dreams of traveling through wide-open spaces with nothing but a pony for a companion, they’re going to need a few things. First of all, they’re going to have to like beans. Cowboys rely on cans of beans to keep them fueled through the cold prairie nights. Secondly, they might want to have a few cowboy songs in their back pocket. Nothing helps stop the loneliness like a little tune about loving wandering. And thirdly, they’re going to need a pair of cowboy boots. Your kid can keep those nasty rattlesnakes at bay and travel with confidence as soon as these boots arrive at your door. No fencing your little cowboy in, get the right shoes for your child’s next adventure!Product DetailsThe cowboy boot is always an important way to complete any buckaroo ensemble. The brown boots have embroidered details along the base of the foot and up the ankle. A small heel highlights the standard cowboy swagger. The perfect way to complete your child’s Old West ensemble, your kid will want to wear these boots for dress-up long after Halloween is over!Boots and BandanasCompleting your kiddo’s Old West ensemble is sure to be a lot of fun once you dive into all of our cowboy accessories. From the ten-gallon hat to bandanas and Sheriff badges, you’ll have everything you need to make your kid’s dusty trail dreams come true!

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