Kid’s Lederhosen Costume


He might be too young for Oktoberfest, but he’s just the right age for this Kid’s German Lederhosen Costume! Even if he’s not really German, we won’t tell anyone.

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Your youngster may be a wee bit too young to celebrate Oktoberfest to its fullest but that doesn’t mean he still can’t express his love for the traditional Bavarian holiday! Help your little one get ready for the years to come with this Child’s Lederhosen Costume.Whether your kiddo has an international festival to attend or simply a Halloween costume party coming up, this Lederhosen outfit will be perfect for him to express his love for German culture. Grab him a nice white button-down shirt along with some knee-high white socks and these festive breeches will complete his cultural immersion. Your kiddo is sure to have tons of fun while wearing these Bavarian duds and you won’t have to worry about him running right out of his shorts. With a handy pair of suspenders attached to them, you can be sure this outfit will remain securely fastened to your tyke no matter how much fun he gets into. To complete this cultural illusion make sure to teach your little guy some handy German phrases such as, “Hallo”, “Guten Morgen”, and “Ich mag Deutsch” which mean, “Hi”, “Good Morning”, and “I like German” respectively. The younger we are, the easier it is to learn a new language, so use this costume as an opportunity to make your youngster partially bi-lingual!Help your kid express his love for everything German when you dress him up in this Lederhosen costume, but don’t let him have all the fun. This costume is also available for adults! Spend this Halloween running around with your youngster and educating the neighborhood about the wonders of Bavarian history.

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