Set of Fuzzy Black Spiders Prop


Spook your friends and family with these Fuzzy Black Spiders. This pack comes with 8 spiders, two larger ones and six small fuzzy black critters. Use them as decoration or as a practical prank.

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Ack! It’s an Arach-attack!When it comes to Halloween, there are some decorations that are not for the weak! For instance, last year our coworker Herb brought a box of real tarantulas to the office and let them loose to help us “get in the Halloween spirit.” Now, we appreciate Herb’s commitment to Halloween, but there is an easier way to product the desired effect.This Set of Black Fuzzy Spiders can provide the Halloween thrill without the…you know…true danger and damage (it took a week to find and capture them all. The office was upended). Don’t be like Herb! Pick up this still-petrifying set and place them strategically around your house and watch your guests scream when they find one lurking on the bathroom sink or casually laid on their snack plate between bites. Aaaaaaah!Product DetailsThis set comes with 8 spiders, 2 large and 6 small. The large spiders measure 4 inches and the small ones come in at 2 inches. Trust us, that’s a lot of hairy, creepy spider legs for your buck—64, to be exact! It’s a perfect option for haunted houses, trick-or-treat candy buckets, or even as party favors in a goodie bag!

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