Infant and Toddler Frozen Classic Olaf Costume


Have no fear, Olaf is here! There is no better way to celebrate summer and winter than this Infant and Toddler Frozen Classic Olaf Costume! Right from the hit Disney film.

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Not since Frosty has a snowman made such cultural waves. People just LOVE Olaf. He’s sweet, funny, caring, and sometimes he’s melting, depending on whether he’s got his own personal flurry with him or not. The perfect role model for our kids! Unfortunately, this infant and toddler Olaf costume doesn’t come with a flurry, but your little ones won’t mind, because they’ll be melting with happiness (which is way better than regular melting, we say). They might be too young to know all the words, but don’t be surprised if they go around saying, in their own way, “IN SUMMER!!) Trust us, it’s going to be adorable.

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