Glass Christmas Ornament Stick of Butter


Get this Stick of Butter Glass Christmas Ornament for that cook in your life for them to show their love for the kitchen. It will also be a reminder to always have extra butter around the holiday times for making cookies!

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Have Yourselves a Dairy Little ChristmasThe most important part of Yuletide preparations isn’t holly and mistletoe, it’s butter! Where would we dairy-lovers be without that goodness infusing our cookies, cakes and frosting? We’d bet that Santa appreciates all that goodness when he finds the goodie plate you leave him. Product DetailsThe best dairy product ever has a special place in your holiday celebrations, so why not show it off? This hilarious Christmas Glass Ornament Stick of Butter is painted to look just like a wrapped package of delicious goodness. Realistic-looking graphics are printed on the side, including the net weight in ounces and grams. It’ll seem so realistic that you’ll be tempted to pull it off of your Christmas tree and use it in a recipe! (But please don’t.) 

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