Black Girls Flapper Shoes


Have your child doing the Charleston in style when she puts on these Girls Black Flapper Shoes. These Girls Black Flapper Shoes are a must have accessory to complete an overall flapper inspired look!

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A Trip Back in TimeWe have excellent news for you and your family. We mean big time, great news. You no longer have to travel back into the 1920s to secure a great pair of flapper shoes for your kid. This news comes at a really good time since we have just had to suspend our time travel business after a few…incidents. We don’t need to get into them, and honestly, we’re fairly certain we’ll get those accountants back from the 60s unscathed sometime soon, but…needless to say, we aren’t doing any major trips back in time at the moment. This means that in order to complete your child’s fabulous flapper look, you’ll need these Girl’s Black Flapper Shoes! They are just as good as the originals, if not better, since this pair is made to last with modern materials that your kiddo will love. Aren’t they just the cat’s pajamas? Product DetailsThese swinging little heels are just begging to do the Charleston with your child! They are a black satin material with a cute curved heel and narrow straps on the top. A thin Mary Jane strap and a little silver buckle secure them to your kiddo’s feet so she can kick up her heels all day long!

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