Black Flapper Hat


The style of the 20s, brought to you in hat form! The black flapper hat pairs up with any of our retro themed outfits.

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The roaring 20s were an absolute ball. The stock market was high and the spirits were even higher (except not literally because of the prohibition). We had some of the greatest fashion revolutions for women as well. No longer would they wear all those stuffy dresses and gowns with long hair. They were putting on tighter silk dresses and showing just a little more skin because they were finally going to break down a few social barriers. They cut their hair and of course worse some great hats to go with it. Who said breaking that glass ceiling had to look bad? Try on this snappy fedora and you’ll be looking like the godmother and be ready to take on the world. We’ll raise a toast to you anyday and tip our caps to your own revolution. Now let’s head down to the local speakeasy for some lively jazz and maybe a bootleg drink or two.

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