Big Top Clown Costume for Adults


Embody every child’s nightmare in this Big Top Clown Costume. There’s nothing more terrifying than a adult male with a painted face, trying to get a kid to laugh….I still have nightmares about it.

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Have you ever wanted to run away to the circus? People still do it, you know. There’s tight-rope walkers, the fire breathers, and trapeze artists. All of those activities sound pretty dangerous though. Those thrill seekers don’t realize the way to an audience’s heart isn’t through fear and awe, but through shenanigans and jollification. When you’re a clown the big top is your Broadway, your Hollywood. Your slapstick antics can shine nation-wide once you’ve entered that well-lit arena. There’s no way to make it to the big top if you don’t start at the little bottom. Like everything else, good clowning starts with the little things, and parties are perfect for the little things. Take the pom-poms on your patched up jacket, they’re soft and squishy, as tempting to squeeze as that nose on your face. Everything about this classic ensemble says “I’m here to get zany”. Whether your specialty is balloon animals or juggling, you just might be the one to rekindle the love of clowns in the next generation. Just be sure to complete the uniform with clunky shoes, red nose, and a rainbow wig. Show up fully assembled, because you never know when circus recruiters might be scouting out a birthday party. Bring innocent fun back to clowning, if anyone can do it, you can. All you need to do is practice that unique chuckle and come up with a really great clown name and you got this one in the bag. Before you know it you’ll be traveling the cirque with the best of them!

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