Bad Hare Day Costume for Kids


Have a not-so-happy Easter in this Kid’s Bad Hare Day Costume. After that, take it for a spin on Halloween night and you will be glad you did, because you will look extra spooky too.

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The Rabid RabbitEverybody loves bunnies! They are so soft and warm and cuddly. You just want to snuggle up with them. There is so much joy in giving their nose a boop and petting the big floofy ears on top of their tiny whittle heads.Now, Halloween is no time for bashful bunnies. It’s more of a horrifying hare kind of holiday. That’s where this Bad Hare Day costume comes into play.Everything you love about bunnies is thrown out the window. Instead of soft and warm, your kiddo will look dark and sinister. Not the kind of animal you should snuggle up with, you may end up losing a finger or perhaps your soul. There is just no telling with this evil-looking critter.Details & DesignYour child can turn into this wicked humanoid hare by first hopping into the dark grey jumpsuit. It will cover your kiddo in soft fur from their ankles to their neck. The sleeves of the jumpsuit end at the wrists, so along with some good footwear, be sure to grab a pair of black gloves too. A set of leg pads is also included with this outfit to give your little one those plump rabbit legs.Finally, the terrifying mask will complete this costume. The details of the mask are enough to give you nightmares. We definitely suggest locking it away in the basement or attic after the festivities are done. Trust us, it’s the last thing you want to see when you get up late at night for a glass of water.A Hopping HorrorThis Halloween, have your child run around town as the scariest rabbit your neighbors have ever seen. We can’t promise that they will get tons of candy this year, though. Not everyone is willing to answer the door for a child-sized demonic-looking hare, and we gotta say that we get it.

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