Authentic Doctor’s Stethoscope


Are you a good doctor or an evil doctor? No matter what you decide be sure you have all the right tools. Start with an Authentic Doctor’s Stethoscope. Listen for your patient’s breathing after you choke the life out of them.

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Product DetailsWhen you think of doctors, the first thing that comes to mind is their ice-cold stethoscope, right? Every doctor worth his or her salt walks around with a stethoscope hanging from their necks. We’d be suspicious of a doctor who tried to examine us without one.Did you know that stethoscopes have been around for more than 200 years? Some doctor in France invented the stethoscope in 1816 because he felt uncomfortable putting his ear on female patients’ chests to hear their heartbeats. The first one was a wooden tube. They’ve gotten a lot more sophisticated over the years. Now, there are even electric stethoscopes that amplify body sounds and 3D-printed stethoscopes. But everyone’s favorite is still the good old fashioned acoustic stethoscope seen in every medical TV show ever broadcast.You can add that realistic detail to any doctor costume with this Realistic Stethoscope. The silver and black stethoscope looks just like the one you’d see in an examination room—but it’s not ice cold to the touch, thankfully!

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