Apocalypse Costume


Be ready and prepared for the apocalypse in this Boy’s Apocalypse Costume. This scary costume has everything you’ll need to complete the terrifying look.

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Scavengers UniteWhat is it about an apocalyptic adventure that tickles our imaginations? It should be dark, dismal, and depressing. And in a way, it is. But we have to admit, it’s fun to figure out if you would survive if civilization was no more. What part of post-civilization would your kids thrive at? If they are master fort-creators, they might enjoy finding the perfect shelter and building up barricades around the windows and doors to prevent rovers from breaking in. If they never fail to find your stash of candy then they would make awesome scavengers. Every survival group needs a hero that has the brains to search unexpected places for canned goods and Twinkies! Or perhaps your kids would make fantastic scouts. No matter what your kids’ apocalypse skills might be, they’ll be ready for whatever post-civilization throws at them when they slip into this Apocalypse costume!Design & DetailsThis tough-looking ensemble was designed by our in-house creative team. It includes a shirt printed with a bandolier and a weathered armor look peppered with ancient bullet holes. A long coat is layered over the top. The arms of the jacket are trimmed with black faux leather while the back flows dramatically in the wind. The ensemble is topped off with a silver gas mask and black scarf to help protect your kiddo from whatever the elements might be in your child’s dark imagination!Surviving the NightAre you getting excited for your child’s Halloween events now that you can picture this look? We all know that your child is going to take off the mask sooner or later. Consider using any of our makeup accessories to give a dirty look or add scars to that post-apocalyptic look once the face is exposed. Ready to take on a scary adventure? This Made by Us costume will make your kiddo into a gritty survivor!

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