Adult’s Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume


Embark on your yellow brick road journey in the Adult’s Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume! Travel with Toto on your way to see the Wizard in the Adult’s Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume!

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Vacation nightmare!We’ve all had at least one terrible vacation. Maybe it was getting sick on your tropical cruise, or realizing that some amusement parks require more waiting in line than actually riding rides. Maybe that two-star hotel was really not much more than a room with a bed and lots of cockroaches. Maybe your roadtrip to see the World’s Largest Frying Pan was a total disappointment when you drove five hours and realized you were only at the World’s Second Largest Frying Pan… and who wants to see that?No matter how terrible your vacation was, though, we’re betting it wasn’t as bad as Dorothy’s! First her trip to Oz was chocked full of the most unsettling turbulence, and then when she landed, she accidentally killed the first person she came into contact with! Awkward! And right away, her newfound friends put her to work finding some “Wizard.” Who wants to work on their vacation? If you’re like us, you go on vacation to get away from work drama, not get catapulted into a war between good and evil ravaging the entire realm. Those stakes are a little higher than your average cruiseline shuffleboard tournament!Product detailsWell, the vacation may be a bust, but at least you look great in this Adult’s Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume. We admit, it’s not exactly the best for wandering through haunted woods, taking on Flying Monkeys and defeating a Wicked Witch, but it’s oh-so-stylish! The exclusive costume features a dress styled as a pinafore over a white blouse, which fastens with a hook-and-loop fastener. The shoulder straps are sewn to the shoulders and anchored at the waist with decorative buttons. The blue-and-white gingham print dress has a built-in petticoat with a lace hem ruffle. There are also matching elastic hair ties that can be tied as desired.There’s no place like home!Maybe Oz isn’t exactly the best place for a relaxing vacation, but at least you’ll have some great pictures for your social media profile with this cute outfit! All you need is the right accessory for a finish touch… Hmm… Maybe some ruby slippers? 

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