Pumpkin Pals Owner and Pet Costume Kit


Make a fun and lasting memories with your furry little friend, in this matching Pumpkin Pals Owner & Pet Costume Kit. You are bound to look like two cute pumpkins in the patch!

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pumpkin palEvery Halloween season, you sit the family down and carve pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns. This year, your furry friend looked at you with yearning eyes that screamed I want in on this. Agreeing, you handed them a little pumpkin and let them get to work on the messy task. They delighted in the squishy feel of the guts and yowled every time a seed got stuck in their paws. When they were satisfied with their work, you carved the face then headed outside to let your friend see their masterwork.product detailsIf you want your little friend to continue participating in the festivities, this pumpkin costume would be happy to join them for some trick-or-treating! The soft, all-polyester hoods slip right over your head and your pet’s head, using an elastic chin strap to keep them on.happy hungry halloweenWhether they love playing with the pumpkin guts or would prefer to participate on the sidelines of this year’s festivities, this Pumpkin Pals Owner & Pet Costume Kit will let them celebrate Halloween as the icon of the holiday! You’ll be good to go for any costumed event in no time, ready to rake in all the oohs and ahhs and, of course, candy.

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