Adult Pot of Gold Costume


This Adult Pot of Gold Costume is the perfect outfit to wear to a St. Patrick’s Day party or for Halloween. You’ll be sure to spread good cheer and luck in this costume.

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Gold StandardSure, everyone talks about wanting to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Have you ever stopped and wondered what it would be like to BE a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? Well, we have, and we imagine it would be pretty special to be the one thing everyone is searching for in life. Talk about a sense of fulfillment!This clever Adult Pot of Gold Costume transforms you instantly from an average joe into an unattainable legend. Cool! Make sure you work the social media angle and get the most out of your big reveal. The beauty of this costume is that it’s simple to wear and impossible to top, plus, it can be worn for both Halloween and St. Patty’s Day, giving you more bang for your…gold. Not that that’s an issue for you. You’re loaded with it!Product DetailsWear this expertly-crafted fabric pot of gold by its attached rainbow-striped shoulder straps and see how easy looking like a million bucks can be! Did we mention the two built-in pockets that can act like coozies for beverages? Talk about hitting the jackpot! Be comfy and laid back in your own sneakers, jeans, and a green tee—remember, the thing about being dressed like a mythical mystery is that you don’t have to try too hard. Let them come to you. The Man, the Myth, the LegendWe have to admit, we’re a bit jealous that you get to become the thing everyone is after in life. But you must just have the luck of the Irish. Enjoy fame, friend!

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